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Deviation's - Lies, Deceit and Hate (The world today a retrospective)

Deviation's - Lies, Deceit and Hate (The world today a retrospective)
Official Website Of The Heavy Metal band - Deviation.
Deviation was founded in the early part of 2000 by L. DeVall

There's very few people who realize how hard it is to keep 5 guys on the same page for an extended period of time. And there's even fewer who want to run a daycare for whiners who can't manage their own lives let-a-lone an instrument. Yet at the cost of "living the dream" I continue to try. And oh the shameless infidels.. Singers with no talent, guitar players with no amps, bassist with no brains, & drummers with no drive.
Now there were a select few who for a short time gave it their all and helped me along the way, but where are they now? Forever means shit in this day-&-age..
I've resorted to recording on my own, writing, singing, playing guitar & writing my own drum & bass tracks.
And while this is a longer more drawn-out process the finished product is exactly what I had envisioned all along.
Just listen to "Knotted Mess" & compare it to the older songs..
Through all the bullshit I forge a path toward my destiny.

About Deviation

Deviation is the brain-child of L. DeVall who met up with E. Kilfoil in 99-00 and began writing and recruiting other members. The drummer D. Clark was inlisted a short time later followed by J. Fluery on vocals. A live track 3 song demo was recorded with E. Kilfoil shortly before he left the band for personal reasons. While it was believed that DeVall & Kilfoil would lay the foundation for something great, it was not "to be". Forging on with deep regret Deviation began auditioning replacements just 2 weeks before the studio date to record their much anticipated cd, failing to fill the foid left by Mr. Kilfoil's unexpected departure in time for the studio date.


If you could see you through my eyes the unfinished painting of your twisted lies it's you & me till it's down to the wire & it's your pathetic excuses that build the fire still fresh in my mind the memory's of us confusion hits me with a sudden rush remember how grand it was supposed to be it's never to late for you & me


It's amazing how many plastic, turn-coat mother fuckers there are in the world. How many times can a guy go out of his way to help somebody who probably didnt deserve the help in the first place? And when it's all said and done it's the one who went out of his way thats the fuckhead. Slimeballs who dont deserve a fair shake, screw over somebody and then act like their shit don't stink.

Current Projects
As I am currently writing and recording, fans can look foward to the new album yet to be named.
It will contain songs written and produced by L. DeVall and will be available in the summer of 2010.
It will also feature two songs co-written by none other than the immortal R.Ford.
Special Thanks
While wading through the darkness there has been a special few who have helped to inspire or carry me through this life I call hell. As you might imagine with the current state of worthless mother fuckers in the world, the list is quite short. Karma dictates that credit be given to those who are deserving.
Shameless Infidels
You to could see your name here. All you have to do is...
(a.) Be a turncoat.
(b.) Be a scum-bag who's word is as useless as a box of used condoms.
(c.) Be a fucking waste of god damn space.

Copyright 2000 | Deviation | All Rights Reserved
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